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* [ LibreCMC]
* [ LibreCMC]
* [ OpenWRT]
* [ OpenWRT]
* [ ProteanOS] [ 1] (BusyBox) FSF-approved Linux-libre distribution for embedded systems
==Unix-like and derivatives==
==Unix-like and derivatives==

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[edit] Without Systemd Wiki

  • Arguments against systemd {--- a wiki sub-page containing discussion+links arranged under topical subsections:
    • Breaking promises, immaturity, and (in)stability
    • Scope creep
    • Absurd Bugs and Responses
    • Conceptional problems
    • Scope Creep Leads to Vulnerabilities
    • Poor design
    • Ignorance of fundamental operating system concepts

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[edit] Free and Open-Source (FOSS) operating systems
without systemd in the default installation

[edit] GNU/Linux distributions

  GNU + Linux = GNU/Linux
  "A distribution, as a whole, is greater than the sum of its parts." -- synergy

[edit] Embedded

[edit] Unix-like and derivatives

[edit] Embedded

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