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* [ Debian Bug #668001 "debootstrap: cant install systemd instead of sysvinit"] (2014 mailing list thread, 100+ msgs)<br>
* [ Debian Bug #668001 "debootstrap: cant install systemd instead of sysvinit"] (2014 mailing list thread, 100+ msgs)<br>
* [[non-English and multimedia presentations (external links)]]
* [[non-English and multimedia presentations (external links)]]

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Please objectively explain issues and link a reliable source (commit, bug report or documentation).


  • fsck cannot be cancelled (used to be possible via C-c or c on the console). 7f110ff9b8, Fedora#719952
  • systemd defaults to Google's DNS nameservers. e16cb2e4ef, Debian#761658
  • systemd defaults to Google's NTP servers, which serve leap-smeared time. GitHub#437
  • systemd by default uses Predictable Network Interface Names, which are actually less predictable when you only have one interface per type.
  • systemd by default kills background processes after the user logs out. 97e5530cf2, Debian#825394
    "In my view it was actually quite strange of UNIX that it by default let arbitrary user code stay around unrestricted after logout." -Poettering[1]
  • As systemd depends on many files on a rootfs, in case of any problems with rootfs, it is not able to control processes and (cleanly) shutdown/reboot when Crtl-Alt-Del is pressed.[2]
  • systemd-resolved breaks the traditional glibc behavior and skips a DNS server in all following queries, if it does not respond once. GitHub#5755, [3]

Conceptional problems

Debunking the myth of unit files being significantly shorter than scripts used by all other init systems: A side-by-side look at run scripts and service units

Poor design

Scope creep

Systemd anigif.gif

See Wikipedia:File:Systemd components.svg.

Scope creep leads to vulnerabilities

Absurd bugs and responses

Breaking promises and immaturity

"After udev is merged into the systemd tree you can still build it for usage outside of systemd systems, and we will support these builds officially. In fact, we will be supporting this for a long time"

"...this will effectively also mean that we will not support non-systemd systems with udev anymore starting at that point. Gentoo folks, this is your wakeup call."

Linux (kernel) coup attempt: "kdbus support is no longer compile-time optional ... We encourage all downstream distributions to begin testing kdbus by adding it to the kernel images in the development distributions, and leaving kdbus support in systemd enabled." comment on this on LKML

"The kdbuswreck"

"kdbus now out-of-tree"

"kdbus dropped in favor of BUS1"

unmet stability promises:

To quote from the systemd stability promise:

"Starting with version 26 (the first version released with Fedora 15) we promise to keep a number of them stable and compatible for the future."

One of their promises is for the export format:

"Entry metadata that is not actually a field is serialized like it was a field, but beginning with two underscores. "

This is not true for version 44 of systemd for example.

Ignorance of fundamental operating system concepts

further reading: additional links

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