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* [ What I don't like about journald / Linux Journal]
* [ What I don't like about journald / Linux Journal]
* [ Disappointing press reactions...]
* [ Disappointing press reactions...]
* [ Why I dislike systemd]
== Breaking promises and immaturity ==
== Breaking promises and immaturity ==

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Breaking promises and immaturity

"After udev is merged into the systemd tree you can still build it for usage outside of systemd systems, and we will support these builds officially. In fact, we will be supporting this for a long time"

"...this will effectively also mean that we will not support non-systemd systems with udev anymore starting at that point. Gentoo folks, this is your wakeup call."

Scope creep

Absurd Bugs and Responses

Scope Creep Leads to Vulnerabilities

Poor design


Debunking the myth of unit files being significantly shorter than scripts used by all other init systems: A side-by-side look at run scripts and service units

Ignorance of fundamental operating system concepts

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